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The Funny and Inspiring Stories

Behind Creating Our Book

"This collection of dazzling photos captures friends practicing yoga in spectacular settings around the world. The photographs are coupled with uplifting quotes celebrating the sometimes simple and sometimes complex connections that form from the cherished practice of friendship."  

— Brett and Sheila Waldman 

Tristan Publishing

Friendship Book
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Nancy select photographs with Brett 

How Nancy and Laurie Traveled   illustrations by Jules Hart


1.  Introducing, Nancy at the computer, and meditating, yogini Laurie are certainly the YIN and the YANG new best friends in 2008.  How could two friends be more opposite?


3.  And their body temperatures are different but thank goodness for duel air controls on the dashboard.


5. Does Nancy eve sleep?

Laurie needs her 7-8 hours of sleep and Nancy can function on 5 hours of sleep.


2.  Laurie coaches Nancy to leave her computer at home as she heads to her first 2008 Laurie Ellis- Young Guatemalan Wellness retreat at Lake Atitlan.



4. Drive across the state of Colorado without talking ??? Laurie tells Nancy that we will have a silent meditation for an hour. W H A T ???


6.  GO Off trail in a national park is a  threat to go to Durango Jail and pay $200 fine.

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